Impressionist Painters

Contemporary impressionists endeavour, like their forefathers and mothers, to convey the changing qualities of light and the effects of the passage of time. Whether through painting, drawing, photography or printmaking, their works aim to reveal the essence of their subject rather than its details. Explore a range of contemporary impressionist artists, hand-selected by leading curators in the industry.

Philip Tyler is esteemed for his exemplary nude portraits. Philip manipulates a range of mediums in his works from acrylic paints, oil paints and drawing to accentuate the shimmering contours of his subjects’ bodies. His rich palette, as seen in Triangles, colours his work with a deep sense of emotion.

Alison Johnson’s celestial paintings have a hypnotic pull that’s hard to resist. Alison stands out for her ability to manipulate light on canvas, creating gracious and heavenly seascape scenes embellished with Turneresque gradients and splashes of sparkling white light. Moving works such as Speed of Vision create ambience in any setting.

Bjornar Aaslund’s approach to art is one of abstraction, taking fleeting encounters with the world around him and transforming them into emotional spaces. Impressionistic paintings such as The Bonfire are not recreations of reality, but a new, imagined reality drawn from memory. Bjornar manipulates colour and texture to form incredibly dynamic paintings; oblique forms and paint marks shift and dance across the canvas, suggestive of emerging space and terrene surfaces.

Black and white works by Geoffrey Ansel Agrons are equally noteworthy for their immense scope and ghostly beauty. Geoffrey is known for his melancholic imagery which delves into the co-existence of humankind and the natural world. His impressionistic shots such as Waiting in Vain For You on Comfort Road are imbued with feeling. These rural landscapes emit a contagious quietness and stillness, pinning you to the spot in awe.

Meta-description: Explore a range of contemporary impressionist artists, hand-selected by leading curators in the industry, specialising in painting, photography, drawing and more.

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    Keith Ashcroft

    United Kingdom
    B. 1977

    Toos van Holstein

    B. 1949

    Mari French

    United Kingdom
    B. 1957

    Valery Khattin

    Russian Federation
    B. 1964

    Robert LeMar

    United States
    B. 1950