Brigid McGivern


Brigid McGivern studied Studio Art at Xavier University and Visual Communication at SAIC. She served as Director of Catalogue Production at Hindman Auctions in Chicago and Art Director at Motif Designs in New York. For over a decade, Brigid has created a large body of abstract expressionist and figurative work. She now works as the Visual Designer at a leading digital asset trust bank after getting her MS in Finance from Fordham University. Her work has been shown in Chelsea and the LES of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Chicago, and is part of several private collections throughout the country.

SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2020, Be Longing, Dacia Gallery, New York, NY 2018, Outside the Gates, Ashok Jain Gallery, New York, NY 2005, Journeys Through Each Other, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH

GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2019, A-C in Alphabet City, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY 2018, Art Basel Miami, See Me, Scope, Miami, FL 2018, Art Basel Miami, Fine Arts Initiatives, Art Spectrum, Miami, FL 2018, Call of Walls, Van Der Plas Gallery, New York, NY 2018, Really Affordable Art Show, Juried Competition by Brinda Kumar, Assistant Curator in Modern & Contemporary Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn, NY 2018, Not A Thing, Con Artist Gallery, New York, NY 2016, 2017, Art Expo New York, New York, NY 2015, The Essence of Abstraction, Agora Gallery, New York, NY 2015, 2016, 2017, Art Basel Miami - Artblend Gallery, Art Spectrum, Miami, FL 2014, Illusion of Reality, Trevisan Gallery, Bologna, Italy

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