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      Dutch Artists

      Discover Dutch artists online. Explore a selection of up-and-coming Dutch artists such as Irene Hoff and Toos Van Holstein, specialising in a variety of different styles including Pop Art, Surrealist and Street Art.

      Irene Hoff creates uplifting artwork filled with hope and positivity reflecting her desire for a more peaceful and compassionate world. Inner Power, a Pop Art collage mixing paper, canvas, acrylic and zink, is testament to Irene’s imaginative approach to design. Her animal-centric pieces such as the above and Blowing Bubbles are expressly light-hearted and charming.

      Toos Van Holstein creates figurative worlds in her expressionistic paintings, amalgams of diverse cultural contexts and colours inspired by her travels. Bodisathva, for example, uses religious iconography with heavenly colours to match.

      Marianne Hendriks works in mixed media to create intricate and patterned botanical paintings. Marianne studied Design and Architecture, which has continued to influence her geometric style and balanced approach to mark-making. Combining oils, watercolour, ink and pencil, Marianne abstracts and fractionates plant forms into simple shapes.

      Jenny Boot started her career as a painter, before moving toward portrait photography. Her photographs have an obvious painterly quality to them, nodding to the traditions of portrait painting. Jenny’s work often has an air of drama and theatricality to it, achieved by her sitter’s stance and expression, as well as by the sharp contrasts in light and colour that are at play.

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        Featured Artists
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        Matthieu van Riel

        B. 1958

        Toos van Holstein

        B. 1949

        Marcel van Hoef

        B. 1967

        Frans Muhren

        B. 1949

        Sonja Brussen

        B. 1974