Laurent Prudot started off his career as a graphic designer and illustrator.
Laurent believes that every painting must provide an emotional experience for the viewer.
Laurent was born in Douala, Cameroon in 1958.

French artist Laurent Prudot works primarily with acrylics and resin to produce large scale geometric abstract paintings. Each painting is created to evoke an emotional response from the viewer and encourage introspection. There is a distinct rhythm to Laurent’s style, in which shape, line and colour interact to form dynamic and vibrant abstract works.

Laurent Prudot’s Career

Prior to dedicating himself to become a full-time artist, Laurent worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. To start with, Laurent followed a more figurative style, but as his practice developed, he gradually departed from all things representational. For nearing twenty years, Laurent has shown his work in solo and group exhibitions across France, with a number of his paintings in permanent collections throughout Italy, France and Canada.

Style and Approach

Laurent’s penchant for pattern, order and rhythm is uniquely informed by his depth of experience, and he often takes on a graphic approach or illustrative style to give his paintings an eye catching effect. Whether working with colour or in black and white, Laurent’s bold abstract paintings are full of energy and intensity.

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