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    Streaming Blue by Heidi Thompson

    Streaming Blue

    Paintings - 102x183 cm
    Green Veils by Heidi Thompson

    Green Veils

    Paintings - 91x152 cm
    Gentle Veils of Grey by Heidi Thompson

    Gentle Veils of Grey

    Paintings - 91x122 cm
    Yellow Rush by Heidi Thompson

    Yellow Rush

    Paintings - 152x122 cm
    Vermilion Field by Heidi Thompson

    Vermilion Field

    Paintings - 229x163 cm
    Deep Blue Infinity by Heidi Thompson

    Deep Blue Infinity

    Paintings - 229x168 cm
    Cerulean Blue Patina by Heidi Thompson

    Cerulean Blue Patina

    Paintings - 229x168 cm
    Breathing Green by Heidi Thompson

    Breathing Green

    Paintings - 152x127 cm
    Levity of Summer by Heidi Thompson

    Levity of Summer

    Paintings - 152x91 cm
    Poetry of Light by Heidi Thompson

    Poetry of Light

    Paintings - 213x91 cm

    Rainbow Patina

    Paintings - 152x127 cm

    Jewel Patina

    Paintings - 154x91 cm

    Soft Veils of Grey

    Paintings - 152x213 cm

    Crystal Blue Ascension

    Paintings - 229x61 cm

    September Optimism

    Paintings - 229x61 cm

    Summer Inspiration

    Paintings - 229x61 cm

    Grey Green Veil over Light

    Paintings - 142x213 cm

    Guardian of Light

    Paintings - 214x91 cm

    White Energy

    Paintings - 152x127 cm

    Red Gold Field

    Paintings - 152x127 cm

    Grey Green Veils over Light

    Paintings - 137x213 cm

    A Glorious Awakening

    Paintings - 152x127 cm

    Orange Veils over Light

    Paintings - 127x117 cm

    Silver Veils over Blue

    Paintings - 102x198 cm

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