Justin Brown

Justin Brown’s work is shown in numerous private and corporate collections.
Justin has been featured many times in Professional Artist Magazine.
Justin has exhibited in both private and group shows in the USA.

Born in 1981, Justin Brown is an American artist who was brought up in New Mexico and now lives and works in New York City. Working with both Paintings and Mixed Media, Justin is an exciting contemporary artist whose colourful works are evocative of his childhood in New Mexico. Making use of vibrant hues and shades, Justin creates Abstract Paintings that captivate the viewer. He has also been known to employ unusual techniques in his artistic process, working with unorthodox tools such as tweezers and popsicle sticks to create multi-layered works, meaning there’s something new to discover every time you look at them.

Justin Brown’s Career Path

Following his childhood in culturally-rich New Mexico, Justin ventured north to study his bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University in Illinois. He furthered his education in his now home state of New York, completing a master’s degree at Cornell in 2011. His experimental style of Oil Painting has earned him widespread recognition and a place in many group exhibitions, as well as a solo exhibition in New York City.

Collections and Recognition

You’ll find Justin Brown’s Abstract Art on the walls of numerous private and corporate collections, including the Wework collection in the United Kingdom. He has also been featured multiple times in Professional Artist Magazine.

Selected Works

Constrained by Justin Brown


Paintings - 76x76 cm
Glimmer by Justin Brown


Paintings - 102x76 cm
Patchwork by Justin Brown


Paintings - 76x122 cm
Mercurial by Justin Brown


Paintings - 76x122 cm
Primeval by Justin Brown


61x91 cm
Tumble by Justin Brown


Paintings - 76x122 cm
Celestial by Justin Brown


Paintings - 102x76 cm
From the Depths by Justin Brown

From the Depths

Paintings - 102x76 cm
Extravaganza by Justin Brown


Paintings - 76x122 cm
Royal by Justin Brown


Paintings - 76x122 cm

Sky Stone

76x122 cm

Water's Tapestry

Paintings - 76x122 cm


Paintings - 76x122 cm

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