Trudy Montgomery

Trudy Montgomery is heavily influenced by California, where she lived for 14 years.
The artist views her work as inner landscapes or ‘dreamscapes’
Trudy's work has been exhibited internationally including in the UK, Germany, India and California and is represented by galleries in London and Los Angeles.

Trudy Montgomery is an abstract painter who, working from a meditative state, uses paint to express what words cannot. Her vibrant paintings, full of vitality and bold gestures, are born from experimentation and the desire to convey the inexpressible. Connecting with her palette on a spiritual level, her energetic and uplifting works portray the energy of place and Self.

Trudy Montgomery’s Artistic Practice and Influences

Trudy, a next-generation British expressionist, follows in the footsteps of artists such as Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon. After 14-years of living in California, the Cornwall-based artist draws inspiration from the Californian and Cornish coast. Fusing elements drawn from the artist’s spiritual landscape, the resulting works are bold in colour and immersive in scale. Building up and scraping away layers of paint, her process is one of discovery. Aspiring to find her painting rather than produce a premeditated scene, Trudy abandons any initial planning early on to allow her composition to evolve. Every colour, brushstroke, and effect shifts the image towards pure abstraction. Intuitive, unexpected mark-making and colour explosions ignite her works.

Exhibitions and Collections

Trudy has exhibited in London, Dubai and Los Angeles. You can also find her works in private and corporate collections worldwide, including Hard Rock, Laing O’Rourke and Nordstroms.

Selected Works

Sat Chit Ananda by Trudy Montgomery

Sat Chit Ananda

Paintings - 153x122 cm
San Francisco Bay by Trudy Montgomery

San Francisco Bay

Paintings - 153x122 cm
Wanderlust by Trudy Montgomery


Paintings - 183x153 cm
Beyond Time & Space by Trudy Montgomery

Beyond Time & Space

Paintings - 61x87 cm
Red Rock by Trudy Montgomery

Red Rock

Paintings - 112x188 cm
Lennox by Trudy Montgomery


Paintings - 112x188 cm
Gaia by Trudy Montgomery


Paintings - 190x220 cm
Fields Of Joy by Trudy Montgomery

Fields Of Joy

Paintings - 170x150 cm
Dream Catcher by Trudy Montgomery

Dream Catcher

Paintings - 89x71 cm
Escape by Trudy Montgomery


Paintings - 76x102 cm


Paintings - 76x61 cm

Meditation III

Paintings - 127x102 cm

Meditation VII

Paintings - 92x71 cm

Meditation IV

Paintings - 127x102 cm

Meditation VI (Warm Sun)

Paintings - 127x102 cm

Beach Landing, Scilly Isles

Paintings - 61x76 cm

Wild Seas, Bryher

Paintings - 61x76 cm

Crashing Rocks at Bryher

Paintings - 38x51 cm

Wave Power

Paintings - 38x52 cm

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