Trudy Montgomery is heavily influenced by California, where she lived for 14 years.
The artist views her work as inner landscapes or ‘dreamscapes’
Trudy's work has been exhibited internationally including in the UK, Germany, India and California and is represented by galleries in London and Los Angeles.

Joyful and uplifting, Trudy Montgomery’s vibrant paintings portray an active vitality and freedom of spirit. Working from a meditative state of action, she uses the possibilities of paint to convey in the abstract what is, so often, inexpressible via words.

Layers of paint are built up (and scraped away) in a process of discovery as the artist seeks to 'find' rather than 'make' a painting that is pre-meditated. Thus, initial sketches have to be abandoned quite early on as the composition evolves. Each decision - which colour, brushstroke width, direction and energy of gesture - shifts the entire image and must then be responded to. It makes the creative process both challenging and fun - and never boring!

Trudy Montgomery is one of the next generation of artists in Cornwall whose work is part of a direct line of British expressionist painting which has its roots in the ground-breaking abstraction of artists such as Patrick Heron and Peter Lanyon. Following 14 years living in California, she now lives and works in West Cornwall. Her tendency towards pure, bold colour on an immersive scale is influenced by the light and space of both the Californian and Cornish coast and the artist’s own spiritual landscape. Her work has been exhibited in London, Dubai and Los Angeles and is held in private and corporate collections including Hard Rock, Laing O’Rourke and Nordstroms.

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