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      Abi Box was shortlisted for the 40 Celsius awards in 2018.
      Abi wants her paintings to appear messy and chaotic.
      Abi recently showed work in the Bermuda Biennial.

      British artist Abi Box creates Impressionistic and abstract paintings in response to poetry and nature. Abi sees her own visual art as a translation of words and a manifestation of her thought process. The unraveling of feelings and the workings of the mind are spilled out onto the canvas in vast and gestural oil paintings. Abi’s palette is refined and primarily consists of earthy tones and natural hues. Her brushwork is sporadic, with paint applied in thin, energetic washes, making for a collection of luminous and liberated paintings.

      Abi Box’s Education and Career

      Abi’s artistic education is extensive, and having completed a BA degree in Fine Art Sculpture, she went on to study Fine Art Painting at Camberwell College of Art. Abi has had several residencies in Switzerland, Peru and Wales and nowadays she is based between London and Bermuda. Over the course of the last ten years, Abi has established her dynamic Impressionist style internationally, showing in locations such as Hong Kong, Taipei and Paris, as well as having art in public and private collections around the world.


      Abi recently showed her work in Strobe Maneuvre, an exhibition that presented paintings, sculptures and installations in the dark. Alongside artists Rebecca Molloy and Kelly Sweeney, Abi’s nature-inspired paintings were illuminated by strobe lights and a blue lamp to draw attention to the viewing environment that art inhabits. The experimental nature of the exhibition allowed the artists to curate the space and shape their work accordingly. The bright colours and decisive marks of Abi’s paintings presented her art in a new way, and drew attention to the process-led nature of her practice.

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