Nadege Druzkowski

Nadege Druzkowski is inspired by Marcel Proust, who believed art has the ability to transcend life and thus transport us out of time.
Nadege has worked with French poet Béatrice Brérot.
Nadege has an MLitt in Fine Art Practice from The Glasgow School of Art where she was awarded the Mackendrick Scholarship.

Nadège Druzkowski is a French painter living in Scotland who explores concepts of time, memory and absence. She is interested in how memory can blur the line between past and present, and allow us to travel back into the past. She often draws on travels, memories and found photographs.

Druzkowski is inspired by cinema and literature. She builds a 'mental maze' for the viewer by including recurring elements in her paintings, seen from different angles. The viewer constructs their own narrative.

There is a sense of eeriness and solitude to her paintings. They have a limited, otherworldly colour palette and subdued light. Instead of paintbrushes, Druzkowski often uses leaves and branches, and works on the floor to let the canvas absorb the paint. Her lasercuts and prints provide a dark take on the natural world.

Druzkowski's work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in France, Iceland and the UK.