Nadege Druzkowski

Nadège Druzkowksi explores concepts of time, memory and absence through painting, printmaking and video.
Nadège has worked with the French poet Béatrice Brérot.
Nadège has an MLitt in Fine Art Practice from The Glasgow School of Art where she was awarded the Mackendrick Scholarship.

French artist Nadège Druzkowksi creates landscape paintings that plunge observers into a dreamlike world. Drawing inspiration from literature and film, Nadège explores concepts of time, memory and absence, creating unusual yet harmonious visual narratives to be adored and explored.

Nadège Druzkowksi’s artistic process

At once suspenseful and alluring, Nadège’s paintings are imbued with a certain ghostliness. Inspired by the French novelist Marcel Proust who staunchly upheld the power of art to transport observers out of time, Nadège’s figurative canvases are charged with atmosphere and mystery, often composed from multiple angles for multiple perspectives. Acrylics such as I was left to wander the earth alone and My dreams are like your waking hours present rich, shadowy colour palettes, subdued light and unusual textures enhanced by using leaves and branches instead of paintbrushes.


Nadège’s dark and enigmatic works have been exhibited internationally in solo and group shows in France, Iceland and the UK. The artist currently lives and works in Lyon, France.

Selected Works

Constructed Eden by Nadege Druzkowski

Constructed Eden

Paintings - 50x50 cm
Sunny afternoon by Nadege Druzkowski

Sunny afternoon

Paintings - 46x101 cm
Envolée bleutée by Nadege Druzkowski

Envolée bleutée

Paintings - 68x64 cm
Envolée automnale  by Nadege Druzkowski

Envolée automnale

Paintings - 23x23 cm
A la Nuit Tombée by Nadege Druzkowski

A la Nuit Tombée

Paintings - 50x50 cm
Variations Sous La Neige by Nadege Druzkowski

Variations Sous La Neige

Paintings - 169x105 cm
Sous les frondaisons de la forêt  by Nadege Druzkowski
Morning vibrations by Nadege Druzkowski

Morning vibrations

Paintings - 54x54 cm
Les trois grâces by Nadege Druzkowski

Les trois grâces

Paintings - 64x64 cm
Envolée hivernale by Nadege Druzkowski

Envolée hivernale

Paintings - 29x29 cm

Envolée hivernale

Paintings - 29x29 cm

Blue Mood

Paintings - 92x0 cm

The Parilly forest

Paintings - 50x50 cm

Bois Barbu

Paintings - 80x210 cm

Parilly forest

Paintings - 47x147 cm

The Parilly forest

Paintings - 20x49 cm

Paradis perdus

Paintings - 29x29 cm

Constructed Sunset

Paintings - 50x50 cm

The Last Station

Paintings - 50x50 cm

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