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Ben, of his real name & nbsp; Benjamin Vautier, born on the & nbsp; July 18 & nbsp; 1935 & nbsp; in & nbsp; naples, is an & nbsp; Particularly through its "& nbsp; writings & nbsp;", declined in various forms. Belonging to & nbsp; the avant-garde & nbsp; artistic-more precisely-& nbsp; post-modern, ben belongs to the group & nbsp; flow & nbsp; and is close to & nbsp; Letterism. He is an artist recognized for his & nbsp; performances, his & nbsp; installations & nbsp; and his entries. Increasing in the post-Duchampian context, and influenced by & nbsp; John Cage, & nbsp; George Maciunas, & nbsp; Dada & nbsp; and nbsp; The question "& nbsp; what to do after Duchamp & nbsp;", Ben chooses for workshop the whole world. From 1963 to 1967, he wrote ten conceptual films. The first was a statement-display glued to the walls of Nice and Cannes at the time of the Cannes Festival.

Selected Works


Prints - 100x100 cm

Faire Tourner

Paintings - 69x69 cm

Pourquoi Ecrire

Prints - 50x70 cm

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