Isabelle Joubert


Isabelle Joubert, is a visual artist and lives in Nantes, in France. She creates collages, paintings and drawings invariably exploring the different elements of a natural world and her place as a woman in this world. By feeling the beauty of natural things, she insists through her works, on the importance of a life in connection with nature. His favorite tools are watercolor, acrylic and paper recovery, including small falls that become beautiful poetic shapes, with a view to "zero ripping". In this movement, she also works on the purity of natural colors from plants recovered in her garden or in her kitchen.

Selected Works

The hippie chic gril by Isabelle Joubert

The hippie chic gril

Collage - 70x50 cm
Hawaian flower by Isabelle Joubert

Hawaian flower

Collage - 60x50 cm
Velvet on snow by Isabelle Joubert

Velvet on snow

Collage - 40x40 cm
The lace curtain by Isabelle Joubert

The lace curtain

Collage - 50x50 cm
Chic bruyère by Isabelle Joubert

Chic bruyère

Collage - 50x50 cm
Duet island by Isabelle Joubert

Duet island

Collage - 50x50 cm
Bohemian woods by Isabelle Joubert

Bohemian woods

Collage - 60x60 cm
Radis by Isabelle Joubert


Paintings - 50x50 cm
The palm girl by Isabelle Joubert

The palm girl

Paintings - 73x60 cm
Fern girl by Isabelle Joubert

Fern girl

Paintings - 60x50 cm

Eucalyptus girl

Paintings - 60x50 cm

Gingko girl

Paintings - 60x50 cm

Monstera girl

Paintings - 60x50 cm


Collage - 40x40 cm

Floral stripes

Collage - 40x40 cm

Softly tropical

Paintings - 40x40 cm

Green sixties

Collage - 80x60 cm

White Lily

Paintings - 55x46 cm

Orange ingenue

Collage - 80x80 cm

Pink lady

Collage - 80x80 cm

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