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      Nina Archer


      Nina Archer is an abstract painter living and working in the south Shropshire hills. Following a career in graphic design, Nina began painting full-time from her studio overlooking the borderlands of the Welsh Marches. Her dynamic works reflect her experience of these landscapes.

      Nina Archer’s Style and Process

      The work is very much about the artist's experience of living and working in the borderlands of the Welsh Marches, a diverse landscape combining Welsh and English cultural influences with a distinctive geography of ridgeways, forested valleys, mountains and rivers. Nina uses textural layering to capture the dramatic shapes and contours of the land, contrasts monochromatic colours to accent the dark, forested valleys, and gestural mark-making to mirror the changing weather patterns. Utilising palette knives, sanding and scoring, and blending gesso, charcoal, acrylic and graphite, Nina demonstrates a passionate appreciation of nature and the ever-changing terrain around her.


      Nina earned a BA in Graphic Design in 1979 from London College of Printing, London, United Kingdom. She has exhibited at The Other Art Fair, Bristol and The Affordable Art Fair, London. She has also shown works at the Royal Cambrian Academy Open and Highgate Contemporary Art Gallery.

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