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Sara Hoque

Sara Hoque is an abstract mixed-media artist.
Sara captures feelings of awe and transcendence in her paintings, often inspired by childhood experiences.
The artist draws from surrealistic styles and views her art as a form of escapism.

Sara Hoque’s abstract paintings offer places to escape and experience wonder. Combining acrylic paint and collaged images of landscapes, dreams, and memories, the artist assembles striking compositions to capture the feeling of witnessing or experiencing something beautiful for the first time.

Sara Hoque’s Early Career and Influences

Born in North Yorkshire to a Norwegian mother and British/Bengali father, Sara enjoyed a nomadic and multicultural upbringing. Sara draws many of her works from dreams and memories of childhood travels to unusual and enchanting places and her time spent in Wales and Norway. Sara studied Fine Art at Kingston University in London. Since graduating, the artist has been living in London.

Inspiration and Practice

Drawn to surrealist notions of consciousness, transcendence, and the sublime, Sara blurs the lines between reality and dreams by mixing familiar imagery with vivid colours and unbounded forms. Fantastic elements integrate with loose, abstract narratives, creating scenes that transport you to otherworldly places.

Exhibitions and Press

Sara has exhibited her escapist landscape paintings at The Other Art Fair in London, among other shows. The artist currently resides on a 40ft narrowboat. Cruising the London canals, she continues to produce spellbinding works to return to the power and mystery of the places she first experienced as a child.

Selected Works


Paintings - 92x61 cm

Moonlit Path

Paintings - 122x91 cm

Neon Paths

Paintings - 122x91 cm

Summer Haze

Paintings - 51x41 cm

Floating Lava

Paintings - 51x41 cm


Paintings - 92x61 cm


Paintings - 92x61 cm


Paintings - 92x61 cm


Paintings - 92x61 cm

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