Mio Ebisu

Japanese painter Mio Ebisu captures lush floral and landscape scenes.
Inspired by 15th-century European mediaeval oil paints, Eastern techniques, and environmental preservation, Mio creates her own organic paints.
The artist has exhibited in Tokyo and London.

Mio Ebisu is a Japanese painter based in London. Mio, known for her vivid botanical and landscape paintings, draws inspiration from folklore, mythologies, herbalism, and the connection between landscape and identity.

Mio Ebisu’s Creative Process

Mio studied at Wimbledon College of Arts, UK, graduating in 2019. She also received a BFA in Oil Painting from Musashino Art University, Japan, in 2012. Since graduating, she has worked at her art studio in Lewisham, London. The artist takes inspiration from Eastern painting traditions, often inviting elements of scroll painting, ink, Ukiyoe, and manga culture into her works. Her paintings, therefore, are a cross-pollination of regional visual culture and modern painting styles.

Fascinated by botany and plant life, Mio characteristically employs deep forest hues and rich floral tones from her nature-inspired palette. Mio's passion for colour extends beyond the application. The artist forages and creates her mediums from scratch, further exploring the relationship between art and nature.

Exhibitions and Collections

Well-known private collectors own many of Mio's paintings. Influential Japanese painter Yoshitomo Nara selected Mio to collaborate on a project in 2012. The artist has since exhibited annually throughout Tokyo and London. In 2021, the artist accepted a grant from Arts Council England to research pigments and materiality.

Selected Works

Mountain Tea House  by Mio Ebisu

Mountain Tea House

Paintings - 21x30 cm
Floating in the Night  by Mio Ebisu

Floating in the Night

Paintings - 61x77 cm
Shrine in the evening  by Mio Ebisu

Shrine in the evening

Paintings - 15x21 cm
静かな看板 Silent Sign by Mio Ebisu

静かな看板 Silent Sign

Paintings - 15x21 cm
What is found in wetland. by Mio Ebisu

What is found in wetland.

Paintings - 21x30 cm

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