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      Wilfrid Moizan


      « In a world that seems to me more and more saturated with aggressive messages and images, I like the idea that painting can be a place of rest and silence, a kind of break. »

      I was born in 1969, Britanny,to a family of artists. Drawing and painting being my favorite means of expression, I logically became a student at the Fine Art College in Rennes, where I familiarized myself with different technique while studying the History of Arts. After completing my studies in 1996, I "enlisted" as an Art teacher, and I taught in various junior high schools in Normandy before moving to Guadeloupe where I lived for five years. I moved to Saint-Martin, French West Indies, in 2006.

      My works are displayed in many collections all around the world: USA, England, Germany, France, Canada, India, Australia, Carribean, Switzerland, Monaco...

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