Sandra Obel

Sandra Obel is a German painter who expresses her love for nature on canvas.
Sandra’s mixed-media paintings collate acrylic, ink, charcoal and paper collages.
Her works are admired internationally for their tangible passion and force.

Born in 1973, Sandra Obel is a German painter based in Heidelberg. In her colourful paintings, she expresses her love for nature and the life that takes place in it. For Sandra, colour is emotion, a feeling that runs throughout her work. She creates powerful and expressive displays by merging vivid colours, floral imagery, bold lines and graphic elements, building up a sense of momentum. By translating emotion and passion onto her canvases, she delivers meaningful reflections of how she perceives the natural world.

Sandra Obel's Practice and Style

The expressionist painter and collagist studied Painting at Wiesbaden Free Art School, Wiesbaden, Germany, in 2015. Previously, she studied Painting and Drawing at the School of Design Bern and Biel, Switzerland, in 2007. Sandra works with a layered approach. The artist loads exciting compositions with acrylic paints, ink, charcoal and paper collages. Her canvases provide an immense space for the viewer to wander and experience with their gaze. Sandra, using her paintbrush, directs observers to discover, seek and find new avenues to explore within her mixed-media paintings. In this way, she both challenges and expands our perception.

Exhibitions and Press

Sandra has exhibited in group and solo shows throughout Germany, where she currently lives and works in Ladenburg. Several major German news publications, in print and digital, have featured Sandra’s work.

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