Lucas Pertile

Lucas Pertile is an Argentine-born artist known for his tropical mixed-media paintings.
Lucas combines elements of regional Argentine folklore and memories of his own childhood to create raw and eclectic pieces.
In 2013, Lucas co-founded Calavera Sur Textiles, a design and illustration studio that collaborates with apparel brands.

Born in Resistencia, Chaco, in 1976, Lucas Pertile is an Argentine-born artist currently living in Buenos Aires. He studied Graphic Design at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), where he served as a professor of Graphic Design, Editorial Design and Visual Arts. Lucas is celebrated for his bold compositions influenced by the Argentine jungle, modernist painting and the occult.

Lucas Pertile’s Practice

In many of his mixed-media works, the artist combines diverse and dynamic painting techniques on canvas or paper, creating a layered and transparent textural effect with pastels, charcoal, gouache and more. Heavy slashes of paint and saturated, tropical colour palettes assemble to create scenes that hang between the occult and realism. Linking elements of regional folklore and memories of his own childhood, Lucas weaves together a tapestry of jungle hues, elusive creatures and hidden emotional depths.

Press and Exhibitions

Lucas has participated in several international individual and group exhibitions. He has also showcased his work in various art fairs such as Pinta Miami, Art Lima, ArteBA, Beirut Art Fair and Singapore Art Fair. His artwork has been published in interior design magazines Eigen Huis & Interieur and Göoo. His creations are collected by public and private art bodies from Argentina, Singapore, Beirut, United States, Norway, Czech Republic, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil and beyond.

Selected Works

Demolition by Lucas Pertile


Paintings - 150x100 cm

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