Loubna Rizqi

Loubna Rizqi is a visual artist based in Paris.
Loubna creates architectural paintings that explore the interaction of light, nature and time.
Expect a signature palette of muted and soft pastel colours.

Loubna Rizqi is a visual artist born and raised in Rabat, Morocco. Her figurative works explore light, time and the feeling of nostalgia. Whether in oil, pastel or coloured pencils, each piece is an invitation to appreciate and prolong typically understated moments or still life scenes.

Loubna Rizqi’s Style and Practice

With a particular focus on modern architecture, Loubna creates paintings that emphasise the interaction of light and nature. Working with a palette of muted and soft colours, Loubna visually narrates the poetry of everyday life. Pastel exteriors and warm, light displays combine to highlight the emotional depth of place and time and honour her signature minimalist style.


Loubna has participated in group shows worldwide. Public exhibitions include Works On Paper III, Blue Shop Cottage, London, UK (2021), Galerie Club Sensible, Paris, France (2019, 2020 and 2021), Affiches en Séries​, Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France (2019) and Affiches en Séries​, Kiblind x Series Mania, Le Tripostal, Lille, France (2019). Loubna also featured her work in a virtual exhibition hosted by the New York gallery Shrine (2021). Loubna now lives and works in Paris.

Selected Works

Plastic Chair by Loubna Rizqi

Plastic Chair

Paintings - 30x30 cm

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