Simona Orentaite

Simona Orentaite is an emerging artist born in Lithuania and based in London.
Simona paints intuitively, allowing her designs to flow forth from the psyche.
Organic and earthy colours merge with flowing brushstrokes, creating new, spiritual worlds.

Born in 1998 in Lithuania, emerging London-based artist Simona Orentaite explores imaginary worlds and spiritual realms through her art. Simona paints figurative compositions with oils or watercolours in an attempt to expose the vulnerability of human existence. Themes of spiritual connection, love and loss feature widely in her work.

Simona Orentaite’s Early Education and Style

Simona is currently undertaking a BA in Fine Art at the City and Guilds of London Art School. Painting spontaneously and without expectation, she unearths remnants of the natural world from the psyche, allowing anthropomorphic figures and organic forms to emerge through subsequent layers of paint. Exploring the solid and the fluid, the human and the organic, Simona allows her inner psychology and spirituality to mesh together on one plane. These subjects, which spring from a pure expression of colour and movement, coalesce into each other and their surroundings, blurring the lines between different life forms and matter. The flow of colour and interweaving brushstrokes catalyses the incidental nature of these appearances, dissolving and uniting their boundaries.

Shows and Projects

Simona has recently exhibited at The Tub Gallery, Hackney, London, and has been featured in Horizon Magazine. The artist is also part of Rise Art’s Emergence show, a group exhibition taking place in Soho, London (2021).

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