Fabrizio Sannicandro

Fabrizio Sannicandro seeks to combine the temporary and the eternal in his art.
Fabrizio was a graphic designer before becoming a fine artist.
Fabrizio references graphics, design and architecture in his paintings.

Italian artist Fabrizio Sannicandro responds to scenes of everyday life in his paintings. Sometimes capturing quiet domestic scenes and still lifes and at other times focusing primarily on the passive interaction of figures, Fabrizio seeks to create paintings with their own timeless dimension. Fabrizio’s interdisciplinary approach means that some of his works are made using oils and some are mixed media collages.

Fabrizio Sannicandro’s Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Teramo, Italy, Fabrizio first attended the Liceo Artistico in Teramo before studying Painting at the Academy of Beautiful Arts in Bologna. Fabrizio studied in the 80’s; a time of vast artistic and cultural development in Italy. Initially, Fabrizio specialised in illustrative and comic art, leading him to a career in graphic design for advertising agencies in Bologna. Fabrizio continued developing his artistic style and with time he began showing his work in more exhibitions in Italy and beyond.

Meaning and Style

Fabrizio’s creation of character is unique and intriguing. He gives his subjects a distinct anonymity through a lack of detail, however with their poses, body language and composition, Fabrizio creates an atmosphere to his scenes. This somewhat abstract approach merges figurative elements to instill each of his paintings with a sense of mystery. Detached from time and distanced for reality, Fabrizio’s work hovers between realism and abstract expressionism.

Selected Works

Bagno caldo studio  by Fabrizio Sannicandro

Bagno caldo studio

Paintings - 50x70 cm

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