Kelly Briggs

Kelly Briggs collaborates with Scientists, Musicians and Designers in her practice.
Kelly completed an MA in Art and Science in 2020.
Many of Kelly’s recent works have responded to nature throughout Lockdown in the UK.

Kelly Briggs is a British artist who creates work as a way of learning more about the world. Kelly does not restrict her practice to one focus or theme, nor does she work in just one medium. Instead, Kelly plays across media, making installations, sculptures, paintings and prints. It is perhaps Kelly’s ink paintings that she is most well known for as she forms vibrant surrealist landscapes of the real and imagined world. Kelly also works in a geometric abstract style, which translates from her paintings into her sculptures.

Kelly Briggs’ Education and Career

Kelly was born in 1992 in Cambridge, where lives and works today. Kelly first attended Norwich University of the Arts in 2015 to study a BA in Fine Art, before completing an MA in Art and Science from Central Saint Martins in London. For the last five years, Kelly has shown her work in group exhibitions across the country and has had solo shows in the UK and in Austria.

Concept and Colour

With her work, Kelly continues to ask the question “How can we use art and creativity to connect with others and the world around us?”. This question has become more and more important to Kelly throughout the years as it deals with issues of the environment, political, social and humanitarian issues. Kelly uses bright and rich colours, and the colour orange runs through Kelly’s work, subtly commenting on branding and trademarks.

Selected Works

Earthscape  by Kelly Briggs


Prints - 50x50 cm
Interplay by Kelly Briggs


Prints - 30x21 cm
The Bleak Paradise 04 by Kelly Briggs

The Bleak Paradise 04

Paintings - 42x62 cm
Shadow Series 01 by Kelly Briggs

Shadow Series 01

Paintings - 25x25 cm
The Shadow Series 02 by Kelly Briggs

The Shadow Series 02

Paintings - 25x25 cm
The Shadow Series 03 by Kelly Briggs

The Shadow Series 03

Paintings - 25x25 cm
Triglav National Park, Slovenia by Kelly Briggs
Nature Under Lockdown 01 by Kelly Briggs

Nature Under Lockdown 01

Paintings - 57x76 cm

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