Jim Grundy spent two decades as Head of the Art Handling Department at the Tate.
Jim has recently shown in the USA at Red Dot Miami and Art Palm Beach.
Jim works with acrylic paints.

British artist Jim Grundy creates geometric abstract paintings that explore the relationship between colour and pattern. Jim observes everything from nature and landscapes to cityscapes urban settings, and uses the processes of symmetry, reflection and arrangement to map out each of his paintings.

Education and Career

Jim attended Maidstone College of Art in the late 70’s, where he studied Fine Art Painting. Whilst he has always worked on developing his painting, Jim pursued a career in installation and management, and enjoyed a long career working at the Tate Gallery as the Head of Art Handling. Whilst at the Tate, Jim also collaborated with architects to design certain facilities at Tate Modern and Tate Britain. Today, Jim exhibits his paintings in galleries, fairs and exhibitions across the UK and the USA.

Jim Grundy’s Inspiration

For Jim, inspiration seems to come from everywhere and everything. Jim recently created a series of work based on the textures and colours of rock formations in the USA. Ever the observer, he also has created abstract paintings responding to the tile patterns found in historic Spanish towns. Jim’s ‘Figure’ series merges his geometric abstract approach with shapes of figures and a subtle human presence.

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