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        Claire Chandler

        Claire has spent most of her life travelling and exploring which has informed much of her artistic practice.
        Claire communicates our emotional and physical response to landscape and the world around us.
        Richly coloured and boldly layered dreamscapes make for technically and visually astonishing works.

        Claire Chandler is a contemporary abstract expressionist who, inspired by the many places she has lived and travelled to, paints visual memories and often undefinable locations. Her works, however, are less about depicting visual spaces and more about the endeavour to comprehend the world we live in.

        Claire Chandler’s Early Career

        Although born in Hereford, England, Claire has spent much of her life travelling and exploring the world. Her passion for travel and experiencing new places pervades much of her work. The artist graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from The University of Northumbria in 1997 with the Terry Stephenson Prize.

        Artistic Style and Practice

        Informed by bold colour, wandering shapes and forms, her paintings elicit emotional responses in both the artist and the spectator. Encapsulating a visceral response to nature and the world around us, Claire’s paintings communicate that which is impossible to put into words. These abstract paintings often resemble dreamscapes, richly coloured and thoughtfully layered with acrylic and oil, making for an unignorable technical and visual depth that demands to be explored.

        Press and Exhibitions

        Claire has been runner up for the Celeste Art Prize and has enjoyed frequent exhibitions in and around London. She currently lives and works in Carshalton, Surrey. The artist is a fully qualified drawing and painting tutor at Sutton College and runs workshops and private art classes from her home studio.

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