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Botanical Drawings For Sale

Discover botanical drawings for sale. We have originals and limited editions available to buy or rent. Start browsing our collection with figurative, surrealist or realistic botanical drawings.

Renata Fernandez who creates figurative botanical artwork, often merging a variety of different mediums such as in FLOR ROJA No1 which uses acrylic ink on plywood.

We also have work by Simon M Smith, who creates mesmerising flower illustrations with a unique play on colour and composition. The Near and the Far combines layers of ink, tissue and paint for a truly unique botanical drawing.

There is John Voss too, who produces botanical drawings with meticulous attention to detail. Support, for example, is a delicate amalgamation of organic and manmade elements using pen ink on paper.

Find out more in our Guide To Drawings.

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    All Art
    showing 123 pieces

    Into the Forrest

    Drawings - 64x72 cm

    Cork Contours

    Drawings - 25x18 cm

    Boston Bark I

    Drawings - 25x18 cm

    As It Stands

    Drawings - 39x29 cm

    Where The Sun Sets

    Drawings - 19x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Boston Bark II

    Drawings - 25x18 cm

    Allows Room To Grow

    Drawings - 19x14 cm

    Forest on Fire

    Drawings - 29x20 cmRent for $51 /mo

    Tiger Lilies

    Drawings - 20x14 cm

    Taken by the Wind

    Drawings - 20x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Over The Hill

    Drawings - 40x29 cm


    Drawings - 50x60 cm

    Winter Sun

    Drawings - 19x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Summer Daylily

    Drawings - 26x18 cm

    Wedding (No.2)

    Drawings - 48x66 cm

    Yellow Invaders

    Drawings - 19x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Wedding (No.3)

    Drawings - 48x66 cm

    Wild Park

    Drawings - 20x13 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Heart of Oak

    Drawings - 25x18 cm


    Drawings - 64x46 cm

    AVE del Paraiso No1

    Drawings - 20x20 cmRent for $57 /mo

    Calla Solo

    Drawings - 26x18 cm

    ATC Series No11

    Drawings - 193x117 cm

    Benalmadena Cactus

    Drawings - 19x14 cmRent for $45 /mo

    Grow Over and Above

    Drawings - 21x14 cmRent for $40 /mo

    Alae folium

    Drawings - 72x52 cm

    Stand Together

    Drawings - 20x14 cm

    Big Bellied Branches

    Drawings - 29x21 cmRent for $55 /mo