Composition in Red

by Wayne Sleeth

Paintings - 80.0cm x 80.0cm x 5.0cm


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    Type | Original Art
    Medium | Paintings > Acrylic
    Style | Abstract
    Subject | Abstract
    Year | 2014
    Size | 80.0cm x 80.0cm x 5.0cm
    Ready to hang | Yes
    Signed | Yes, rear on canvas
    Materials | acrylic and oil paint on XL (deep 5cm ) stretchered canvas
  • Composition in Red

    A large format original painting exploring the limits of composition and chromatic spacing; the play between the full red and the blue/grey/silver form creates a very vibrant, physical presence despite its seemingly sparse composition.

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    Wayne Sleeth

    Painter and arts educator, dividing his time between England and France since 2000. He works according to his 'synaesthetics' of places lived, frequented or visited fleetingly. Neither landscapes nor seascapes,the artist ambiguously calls most of his compositions 'scapes', an anagram of 'spaces'. Much travelled, he has exhibited throughout Europe (London and the north-east of England, but also Brussels, Berlin, Metz, Stuttgart, Split...) and permanently in Paris. He has work in collections throughout Britain, mainland Europe, Asia and the US.

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