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Monhegan Dandelions

Photography30.0 x 45.0 cm?
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David Aimone

Photographer and Print Maker

David Aimone, an artistic alchemist, transcends perfection through alternative methods, unveiling nuanced narratives that unfold like carefully composed symphonies in each meticulously crafted photograph. Each holds a subtle, silent power.

David Aimone, an American photographer, seamlessly intertwines the principles of artistic tradition and contemporary vision. Raised in a family steeped in musical and artistic influences, David's artistic odyssey started in his youth as a member of the Ridgewood Camera Club.

At the core of David's photographic exploration is a therapeutic quest for imperfections, a deliberate departure from mainstream ideals. Themes of ephemeral states, beauty, and imperfections saturate his work, inspired by the rebellious spirit of pictorialists challenging the relentless pursuit of photographic perfection. David also draws inspiration from art that balances simplicity with layers of complexity.

The essence of his work extends an invitation to viewers to transcend their ordinary visual norms, discovering beauty in new ways and crafting personal narratives from the images. It is an opportunity to redefine societal and personal notions of beauty and perfection.

Armed primarily with medium and large-format film, David meticulously develops his creations in a home darkroom. Traditional silver gelatin prints, analogue/digital fusion, and-coated emulsions and alternative printing techniques underscore his artistic versatility.

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