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Remi Delaplace

Remi Delaplace: Selection 2023 New realities Salon "This we see," Look at us "" He had a change, then the situation changed "" There is only the event "question the form, our perceptions and our representations is The challenge of Remi Delaplace's work on abstraction. Discover minimalist and geometric compositions outside of any narration. Question our relationship to the Espaceremi Delaplace lives and works in Paris. In 2011, he obtained a Master 2 in plastic arts "Contemporary arts and new media" at the University of Paris 8. The practice of Dance Contact nourished his artistic work. He questions our relationship to space. The artist is based on the phenomenon of embodiment. This concept corresponds to the way in which an object assesses an object according to the position of their body and/or its movements but also how our sensorimotor experiences influence our way of thinking. & Nbsp; representations that individuals have of Their space depend on their perceptual and motor representations. The word of the artist "I have been thinking for five years on a series that I call" Inside, Outside ". My painting work is intimately linked to my dance-improvisation practice. It is crossed by themes such as: gravitation, trajectory, levitation, fall, which come directly from "contact dance". It is about new ways to live in the world, space. & Nbsp; are played the issues of the event, the orientation, the situation of bodies and objects. In my paintings, I create a spatiality that plays on the perception of the loved one and the distant, the trajectories of the bodies in space, of the apprehension of the event. His art exposed to Chineremi Delaplace also works in collaboration with Anne Damesin on societal themes. He created the "Land Art and the City Meetings" in Paris in 2013. & Nbsp; The artist regularly exhibits in galleries (Circé, Akie Arichi, exit), in salons (Lineart in Belgium, Mac Paris, Yia, Pontault Combault, new realities, ...), in China (Guoyi Art Museum in Beijing, International Art Exchange of Museum in Hangzhou), in Artothèque (Persian Beaumont, St Cloud, ...)

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