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      Featured Artists

      Use our Featured Artists guides to learn about the most exciting emerging and established artists working today. Whether you’re looking to find out more about artists you love, or you’re wanting to discover new talent, our Featured Artists guides take you through everything from the process, to the all important concept that fuels an artist’s practice. Look at our Featured Artists guides and explore art and artists in more depth.

      How the Featured Artists Guides Work

      Our Featured Artists guides offer a deep dive into the artist behind the art. Take our guide, Gavin Turk: Giving Permanence to the Impermanent and Worth to the Worthless, where we take you through the evolution of the much-celebrated artist’s career and explore Gavin’s relationship with Britain and with the climate, or our piece, Magnus Gjoen: Reviving the Old to Make Way for the New, in which we track the artist’s overarching influences. Both guides offer an understanding of just what it is that makes an artist tick.

      Featured Artist Guides You Won’t Want To Miss

      Among our Featured Artists guides are pieces on some of the most highly regarded artists working today, alongside emerging new names in the art world. One guide that shows a glimpse of studio life and the process of creating work is Think what you want about Bruce McLean’s sculptures, just don’t think about them too much. Another must-read is Barry Johnson: The Art of Creating New Personas, which details the unusual winding road that led to Barry’s career as an artist. Find, read and discover more pieces like this with our Featured Artists Guides.

      Abstract Art: Examples Throughout History

      Discover examples of Abstract Art throughout history, including works by the most famous artists of the 20th-century.

      The Best Photographers of the Moment: Rise Art’s Top 5

      The best photographers working today are inspired by a range of media and produce a stunning variety of works, from ‘painting with the camera’ to captivating portraiture. Explore the masterpieces of five top photographers from around the world, whose work includes fashion photography, landscape scenes and eerie surrealism.

      Art and Pride: 7 LGBTQ+ Artists Challenging the Canon

      Museums and galleries are dominated by depictions of heteronormative sitters. In contexts where ‘coming out’ has been considered socially unacceptable, many artists have deliberately concealed their own, and their subjects’, sexuality, whilst others have signified queerness in covert and coded ways. However, today’s marked shift towards visibility in many cultures is enabling artists to be more open with expressing sexuality in their work.

      Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary American Artists

      American artists have led the way for modern and contemporary art since the late 19th century. From Whistler to Warhol, from Rothko to Rauschenberg, American artists are among some of the most recognised in the world. Explore some of the top American artists working today with Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary American Artists.

      A Guide to the Feminist Art Movement’s History & Contemporary Impact

      The Feminist Art movement emerged in the early 60s during the Second Wave of Feminism. Feminist artists worldwide set out to re-establish the founding pillars and reception of contemporary art. The movement inspired change, reshaped cultural attitudes and transformed gender stereotypes in the arts.

      Rise Art's Top 5 Contemporary Abstract Expressionist Artists

      Abstract Expressionist artists use a painting style born out of the American art movement in the 1950s. Characterised by bold brushwork, a spontaneous process and larger than life works of art, Abstract Expressionism is fuelled by an emotional and expressive approach. Find out more about one of the most popular styles of modern art and some of the top contemporary Abstract Expressionist artists today.

      Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Irish Artists

      Irish artists are working at the forefront of the contemporary art scene, and whether drawing on their nationality, or participating in expressive ways of creating, they are forming the fabric of the art world. Discover some of the top Contemporary Irish Artists working today.

      Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Artists

      Modern artists are forever rewriting the rules of contemporary art. What does it take to tread such uncharted creative territory? Learn from the modern vanguards of experimentation, style and craft; Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Artists.

      Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Minimalist Artists

      Our team of curators have selected five contemporary artists who are paving the way for minimalist art today. Ranging from sculptors, to painters, to printmakers, Rise Art’s Top 5 Contemporary Minimalist Artists showcases artists at the helm of this ever-intriguing artistic style.

      Rise Art's Top 5 Contemporary Expressionist Artists

      Our curators have hand-selected the top avant-garde artists in the modern art scene. Discover Rise Art’s top 5 contemporary expressionist artists. Experimenting with rich expanses of colour, obscure perspectives and unique textures, this talented bunch carry the torch with a firm grip.