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        Featured Artists

        Use our Featured Artists guides to learn about the most exciting emerging and established artists working today. Whether you’re looking to find out more about artists you love, or you’re wanting to discover new talent, our Featured Artists guides take you through everything from the process, to the all important concept that fuels an artist’s practice. Look at our Featured Artists guides and explore art and artists in more depth.

        How the Featured Artists Guides Work

        Our Featured Artists guides offer a deep dive into the artist behind the art. Take our guide, Gavin Turk: Giving Permanence to the Impermanent and Worth to the Worthless, where we take you through the evolution of the much-celebrated artist’s career and explore Gavin’s relationship with Britain and with the climate, or our piece, Magnus Gjoen: Reviving the Old to Make Way for the New, in which we track the artist’s overarching influences. Both guides offer an understanding of just what it is that makes an artist tick.

        Featured Artist Guides You Won’t Want To Miss

        Among our Featured Artists guides are pieces on some of the most highly regarded artists working today, alongside emerging new names in the art world. One guide that shows a glimpse of studio life and the process of creating work is Think what you want about Bruce McLean’s sculptures, just don’t think about them too much. Another must-read is Barry Johnson: The Art of Creating New Personas, which details the unusual winding road that led to Barry’s career as an artist. Find, read and discover more pieces like this with our Featured Artists Guides.

        Andy Warhol Quotes

        The eponymous Mr Warhol was many things: Pop Art superstar, zealous social butterfly and canny filmmaker, to name a few. Discover some of the best Andy Warhol quotes on life, celebrities and art.

        Think what you want about Bruce McLean’s sculptures, just don’t think about them too much

        Bruce McLean has nothing to prove. A cursory glance at his CV will tell you this; exhibitions with countless major European museums, work in even more important collections and a John Moores painting prize are all counted among his past achievements.

        Magnus Gjoen: Reviving the Old to Make Way for the New

        Rediscovery and revival sit at the heart of Magnus Gjoen’s work. The desire to breathe new life into the old is present in everything, from the concept, to the process, to the mediums Magnus uses. Showing us that there is no finite ending to art, Magnus defies the rigid boundaries of time to rework the old and give meaning to the new.

        Sarah Harvey’s Underwater World

        Forget standard figurative pieces - Sarah Harvey is an artist who dives deeper and adopts a unique, underwater viewpoint. Her paintings of women submerged in water are an intriguing exploration of the human form, bringing up questions of identity, sexuality and insecurity.

        Gavin Turk: Giving Permanence to the Impermanent and Worth to the Worthless

        Gavin Turk is an artist who’s known for questioning authenticity, and who’s made his name by deconstructing the ‘myth’ of the artist. Whether reimagining the purpose of disposable objects or playing with the meaning behind iconic pieces of art, Gavin’s approach is both direct and probing.

        Barbara Rae: Documenting the margins of the world

        Getting lost in any one of Barbara Rae’s paintings is almost unavoidable. Whether drawn to the atmospheric blues that linger in the background, or focusing on the complex arrangement of shapes that occupy the foreground, Barbara manages to seamlessly immerse the viewer into the atmosphere of her art at every turn. We examine just how Barbara’s work generates both familiarity and intrigue whilst transporting us to the very ends of the earth.

        Barry Johnson: The art of creating new personas

        Barry Johnson is an artist dedicated to representing the fluidity of the human experience. Reacting against boundaries and defying categorisation, Barry’s process is driven by the need to constantly discover and rediscover. We delve into Barry’s recent work and explore the artist’s conversational approach, his penchant for artistic chaos and the constant evolution of personas that fuel his creative process.

        Reisha Perlmutter: The Power of Intimacy

        Reisha Perlmutter’s paintings are poetic explorations of the female body’s relationship with water. Few artists can parallel Reisha’s ability to portray both stillness and movement so fluently, to hold onto a transient moment and instil it with a sense of permanence. Understanding the female body in a renewed and considered way, Reisha’s art captures scenes of great intimacy and freedom.

        Dave White: A new kind of animal art

        Dave White’s paintings are both instantly recognisable and viscerally unique. Following on from the great and enduring animal artworks created throughout history, the artist's work exists to capture a new type of realism. We explore Dave’s approach to animal art, his use of mixed media and his creation of character.

        Ben Allen: Pop Art for the 21st Century

        Discover the many influences and styles that come together to form the work of Rise Art artist Ben Allen.