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Rise Art’s Top 5 Digital Artists

Discover the history of digital art and explore work from the top digital artists working today.

By Tatty Martin

Unearth the top names in digital art and explore new and emerging artists with this guide. Whether you’re after geometric digital art, or you’re looking for something bold and colourful to brighten up your walls, find out who’s making waves in contemporary digital art with this guide. 

Digital art is a fairly recent artistic term, first coined in the early 1980s when referring to art that was created using digital processes and technology. However, digital art did not just exist as a 20th century movement, instead it introduced a new medium, style and understanding of what contemporary art could be. Replacing traditional approaches such as oils and watercolour with light effects and even sounds, since its conception, digital art has encouraged a new way of approaching art. 

Today, digital art is as popular as ever, and spans across everything from abstract, to pop art, to graphic styles. Digital-based artists embrace the freedom of the medium, allowing them to distort, repeat and subvert their work in a way that would not be possible in more traditional mediums. Explore work from emerging and established artists with Rise Art’s Top 5 Digital Artists.


HAPPY LISA by Marc Craig


Marc Craig

Marc Craig is widely known as a street artist, painting murals at London institutions such as Tate Britain and Royal College of Art, and in 2016 Marc created 45 murals for a Guiness advert in Leake Street. Colourful, graphic and intricate, Marc’s instantly recognisable style has translated seamlessly into digital art. Still very much using his iconic street art motifs, Marc creates visually compelling works of art. 

A selection of Marc’s digital artworks play on famous works of art, reinventing them in his own style. Injected with humour and stripped from their original setting, Marc has played on works such as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa and Munch’s The Scream, instead presenting Happy Lisa and Lockdown Scream


Ghost (IV) by Julie Rafalski


Julie Rafalski

Multidisciplinary artist Julie Rafalski creates work that explores the relationship between place, time and memory. Characterised by bright colours that merge through a harmonious gradient, Julie’s digital artworks highlight the fluidity of colour. Some of Julie’s digital works are less minimalistic, instead favouring a more patchworked and collaged approach. Sitting old images sourced from history books next to architectural shapes or botanical detailing, Julie arranges her work to have a clear order to it, whether that be with a horizontal emphasis or with a vertical pull.

Julie’s unique consideration of colour and arrangement, and the meeting of the two, has earned her international recognition, exhibiting in solo shows across London, Chicago, Tel Aviv and beyond. She has also enjoyed success as a writer, contributing to The Erroneous Disposition of the People, a book of poetry and prose first published in 2012. 


ceci n'est pas une thelere by Miguel Vallinas Prieto


Miguel Vallinas Prieto

Spanish artist Miguel Vallinas Prieto uses digital processes to create his eerily surreal portraits. With his Second Skins series, Miguel merges human and animal elements to explore the animalistic qualities within all of us. Simultaneously whimsical and serious, Miguel assigns his subjects a sense of personality and character through the costumes he gives them. 

Miguel’s digital works take his surrealist approach one step further. Instead of animal heads, his sitters are given objects such as teapots, dollhouses and lampshades for heads. Set against theatrically dark backdrops. Miguel surrealist works of art reimagine the genre of fashion photography whilst creating a new type of portrait. 


Noore by Leigh Bagley


Leigh Bagley

Leigh Bagley’s art is unique in approach and effect. Using vectors to create his works, Leigh’s style hovers somewhere between abstraction, minimalism and a geometric approach. With a penchant for textiles and print design, and a passion for colour, Leigh’s art is a firm favourite with leading architectural and interior design firms.

Layers, shape and colour form the basis of Leigh’s prints, coming together to create compelling and complex digital works of art. His distinct colour palette links each of the works in his portfolio together, with the transparency levels revealing a depth to every piece. With a harmonised colour scheme making his style instantly recognisable, Leigh continues to experiment with shape and the illusion of depth, and in doing so forms works that have a unique pull to them.


Cosmic abstraction I by Victoria Topping


Victoria Topping

Interdisciplinary artist Victoria Topping creates vibrant and animated digital paintings. Explosive with colour and energy, Victoria’s paintings are impactful in the way style and scale interact with each other. Victoria does not shy away from movement, and instead uses movement to give her work a tangible sense of energy and agency. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Victoria is greatly influenced by music when creating her work. Colour, style, texture and composition often align with different genres of music, whether that be jazz, disco or gospel music. 

Victoria’s collaged approach is evidence of her love for collecting and drawing contrasting elements together. She is interested in representing spirit and soul in her work, inviting the viewer to interpret it as they please.

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