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9 Art Stopping-ly Good Holiday Homes, and How to Get the Look

Our friends over at Love Home Swap have a curated database of some truly stunning holiday homes, none we should say more stunning than those filled to the brim with stand out art. Browsing these exotic locations doesn’t have to conjure pure envy; to bring that feeling back to your own home you can get the look with our nine properties to love, and the artworks to match.

By Rise Art

We love when good things come together, and what’s better than exceptional holiday homes and exclusive properties from around the world, filled to the brim with great art? Well, nothing’s better really. So we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Love Home Swap to bring you some of the coolest homes on their books with an art twist, and the Rise Art style guide to getting the look for yourself. With Rise Art and Love Home Swap your penchant for top notch interiors and art to wow may never be compromised. And the best part? Browsing these exotic locations doesn’t have to conjure pure envy, start planning your next home swap, and bring that feeling back with you with our nine homes to love, and the artworks to match.


1 Indonesian escape

Let’s dive straight in with everyone’s dream indoor-outdoor space in tropical Indonesia. The bamboo, natural wood and sleek dark interiors of this open plan room are perfectly contrasted with the bold, bright artworks that compliment the lush and colourful vegetation surrounding this distinct and luxurious home. Achieve the look perfectly with these vibrant prints from the acclaimed Bruce McClean.


Get the Look:

Healing Garden & Tall Dutch Tulips

Bruce McLean


2 Art Deco dream 

Across a few oceans and we’re back on British soil in East London with this beautifully styled Hackney home. With incredible attention to detail from the art-deco-style lighting, objects and accessories to the gorgeous muted palettes of the soft furnishings, this is a home we could happily lounge around in on our down time. Framed monotone prints set off the interior scheme with serious panache and can be replicated with these sophisticated works by Chris Stoneman.


Get the look:

Ink Animation 009 & Ink Animation 008

Chris Stoneman


3 Parisian chic 

This chic Parisian interior is truly made by the statement artwork that brings together the entire space. Complimenting individual items of furniture that appear as pieces of art in their own right, this use of abstract and realist painting to amplify the space really is bringing the gallery home. A dream place to stay in the City of Light.


Get the look:

New and Old

Kotaro Machiyama


4 The country pad

This expansive space with vast high ceilings and loads of natural light uses bursts of colour in its use of art and furnishings to create an exceptionally unique home that is airy, comfortable and full of personality. Get the look with quirky portraits and figurative art that shows a little bit of the human side.


Get the look:

Left: Ice Cream Girl, Marju Tammik

Right: Unmasked, Mikele Henry-Lowe


5 city sleek

A sleek New York City penthouse is top of everyone’s list for a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and here the only thing that stands out more than the view is the art. Completely white interiors gives these abstract pieces centre stage in an apartment with a real uptown feel. Bring the look home with muted tones and lots of movement and texture.


Get the look:

Left: I just don't know, Niki Hare

Right: Turbulence, Melisa Taylor


6 balinese getaway

This series of four big, bold portraits in a Balinese-styled home show how uniformity in your artworks, paired with fresh white walls, high ceilings, neutral furnishings and local materials and objects, can really bring cohesiveness to a multifunctional space. It also adds the wow factor to an already delightful and enviable room. One-way ticket please.


Get the look:

Ocean Fever

Hannah Adamaszek


7 the london look

Art, books and flowers, what more do you need for a home away from home? This lovely London pad is set up to keep you feeling comfortable and chilled in the hustle and bustle of the city. Achieve the look with a framed print that compliments the colours and objects you like to be surrounded by, making it the subtle focus of the room.


Get the look:

Left: Colston Tower, Anna Marrow

Right: Pineapples, Clair Coles


8 luxurious lounging 

Ok, so not everyone has the pool, but you can definitely get the art. This is one quick fix way to make a lounge area the dramatic centrepiece of any space. Choose striking colours and a formidable subject against a neutral background and you’ve got yourself a look to covet. Try it at home with Anna Matykiewicz in a den or bedroom space if poolside is too much of a stretch.


Get the look:

In Pink & Cascade

Anna Matykiewicz


9 the Ultimate den 

That’s right, a cinema room is never complete without the coolest art around. And your holiday home is never complete without an all important cinema room. This London offering has a lounge and big screen that anyone could sink into, set off by some mixed media artworks that leave it a cut above the rest. Get the look with a work by Alban’s Art Factory.


Get the look:


Alban's Art Factory


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