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This collection spotlights mixed-media artworks. Explore a range of inventive pieces integrating various media, materials and objects, hand-selected by one of our in-house curators. Find mixed-media paintings, collages, prints and more by emerging and established artists.

Artworks by conceptual artist Rebecca Mason are a creative combo of typography and light sculpture, characteristically contrasting meaningful neon text against different backgrounds to create a powerful visual and emotional impact. Sharply observant of contemporary culture and human behaviour, her works are at once relatable and energising.

Find mixed-media paintings for sale by Nick Malone. In a predominately abstract style, Nick pools together traditional techniques with more experimental ones, producing paintings that are at once visually compelling and brimming with contrast. Nick's highly expressive works play with conflict and difference, with splashes of colour and intriguing, multi-textural marks competing for space on the canvas.

Cross-disciplinary artist Athol Whitmore combines components of Pop Art and Figurative art in his playful prints, paintings and sculptures. Athol's use of colourful and reinvented found objects appeals to our childhood memories. For example, there's an unmistakable nostalgic charm to his mixed-media works such as ?, a Banksyesque stencil overlaying a parade of stamps.

You can also find critically acclaimed mixed-media sculptures by Marko Markovic. Marko's geometric abstract works explore ideas around history, archaeology and the genesis of form. They are purposely puzzling and undefinable, as part of a quest to create an autonomous genre and sculpture style. Marko encourages viewers to distance themselves from traditional artistic thought, and account for his sculpture's physical, philosophical and aesthetic connotations.

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