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If you’re just taking your first steps in art collecting or are looking for a new addition that won’t break the bank, we’ve got you covered with the Art Under £500 collection. Art shouldn’t be limited to the few, which is why we our selection includes a range of different pieces to suit all budgets. Take your pick from prints, paintings, photography and more to start building your art collection today.

The art under £500 collection includes plenty of up-and-coming artists, meaning it’s a great place to find an investment piece that could appreciate value over the years. We’ve got our eyes on the latest artistic talent so that you can stay up-to-date with the movements of the fast-paced art world. Narrow down your search according to price, size, and orientation to find the perfect piece to fit in with any space.

Those interested in abstract art should consider the work of John Bingham, a London-based artist working mainly with paintings and drawing. John tends to work on a smaller scale, making his art accessible to all kinds of collectors. What these pieces lack in size, however, they make up for in colour and interesting composition. The artist has stated interior design and patterns as a key influence in his work, and this can be clearly observed in his use of repeating patterns and bold, vibrant colour palettes.

Photography can be a great option for collectors on a budget, and there are plenty to be discovered in the Art Under £500 collection. Geoffrey Ansel Agrons is one such example, an American photographer whose work deals with the natural world, humans, and the complex relationship between the two. Geoffrey’s signature melancholic style is instantly recognisable, with black and white imagery featuring strongly throughout his body of work. There’s something quiet yet unsettling about his art, making it both emotionally affecting and thought provoking.

Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams is one of our most viewed artists, and her prints feature strongly throughout the Art Under £500 collection. Effortlessly blending fantasy with reality, Kristjana’s artwork takes imagery from the natural world and superimposes it over familiar cityscapes. The result is an eye-catching contrast that’s difficult to tear yourself away from, as there’s always an interesting narrative to uncover in the visual complexity of these pieces. These are artworks that command attention, jumping out at you with their bright colours, exotic animals and iconic scenes from cities across the world.

For those who enjoy a quirky and colourful style, Mat Cahill is a British artist known for his illustrative drawings. These pieces address issues from contemporary society, inviting the viewer to consider their own place within society and other questions about individuality, anonymity, and more. His artwork tends to depict human figures as part of large groups, illustrating how a sense of individuality can become lost in crowds. Despite this, each figure has been painted with care and attention, and it is possible to discern the unique characteristics of each. This shifting focus between the individual and the group is central to Mat’s work.

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