Contemporary Photographers

There are so many contemporary photographers to discover, with artists around the world exploring a multitude of different subjects and techniques. Rise Art curates work from emerging and established photographers, bringing it to art lovers online. This is the perfect place to learn more about the photographers who are shaping their field, from those working with Black & White Photography to more eclectic Collage Photography.

Gina Soden

Gina Soden is an Architecture Photographer who travels all across Europe in the search of abandoned buildings to shoot. Inside these derelict structures she takes exquisite photographs, showcasing everything from grand old chateaus to deserted power stations. There’s a strong sense of history and memory imbued into each of these photos, and a certain melancholy longing for days gone by. Her piece Grand Nouveau shows an elegant staircase littered with debris, expressing a kind of sad beauty in the decay of this old structure.

Vikram Kushwah

If you’re looking for more fantastical creations, then contemporary photographer Vikram Kushwah is a great pick. His [Surrealist Photography] depicts dreamlike scenes that appear to be straight out of a fairy tale. These shots are completely captivating and take on interesting subjects, inviting the viewer to lose themself in the picture. Woman in the Mirror 2 shows Vikram’s narrative skill within the medium of photography. Individual elements of the composition reveal themselves slowly, and we are left wondering what happened to the woman in the mirror and how nature took over the inside of this house.

Marianne Nix

Discover intriguing techniques with the work of Marianne Nix, a contemporary artist who makes use of photography, digital tools, printmaking and glazes to create her multi-layered works. These photographs often focus on natural forms, portraying them in new lights and hues that encourage the viewer to reconsider these familiar images. Her photography has an almost abstract quality, as the techniques that she uses tend to distort the image, creating shapes and colours rather than recognisable objects.

Whatever your style, we’re on hand to help you find the perfect artwork for you. For those just beginning to buy art and seasoned collectors alike, there are plenty of exciting contemporary photographers creating art today.

Discover more fine art photographs here or find out more about the history of photography in our Guide To Photography.

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    Ken Wong-Youk-Hong

    B. 1978

    Nobuyoshi Araki

    B. 1940

    Julie Peiffer

    B. 1967

    Georges DUMAS

    B. 1975

    Duncan Wade

    United Kingdom
    B. 1958

    Mark Tamer

    United Kingdom
    B. 1965

    Antonio de Campos

    B. 1961

    Sven Pfrommer

    B. 1965

    Stéphanie Malossane

    B. 1969

    franz PETTO

    B. 1958

    Marie-Lou Chatel

    B. 1963

    Paris Ackrill

    United Kingdom
    B. 1990

    Joan Peris

    B. 1965

    Dina Goldstein

    B. 1969

    Valentina Schulte

    B. 1982

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