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Héloise Delègue

"Héloïse Delègue is a London based artist that skillfully riffs between her textural memories, both past and present. Using a voyeuristic process of autofiction, Delègue dissects not just her own vulnerabilities, but equally, their wider contexts. Particularly the reconciliation of a systemic hierarchy that has entrapped gender relations today. Delègue's portrayal of a strange and fantastical landscape unearths a rich tapestry that intensifies the possibility of imagination. Likewise, her use of diverse media enhances this compositional form, producing new relationships that echo the exhaustive liminality of our contemporary scene. Simultaneously revealing and concealing, Delègue's work provides a rewarding insight into a world that brims with possibility and only teases at catharsis. "

Rise Art - Rise Art Curator

Artworks by Héloise Delègue

Héloise Delègue

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