Kukuh Nuswantara


Kukuh is an established neo-expressionism artist from Indonesia. His works are wordless social commentaries that seek to illustrate isolation of man caused by modern societal structures, elevated decadence in our society, insensitivity to nature, corruption in politics etc.

Neo-Expressionism is a form of contemporary artrooted in early 20th century German Expressionism. Staying true to the style, Kukuh’s paintings are marked by deep colors and contrasts, rapid and violent brushwork, distorted subject matters and a generally spontaneous articulation, often incorporating 'found' objects.

Kukuh inherited his painting skills from his father and Idol, O.H.Supono, arenowned Indonesian artist. Kukuh also draws inspiration from greats like Picasso. In 2017, Kukuh’s painting was recognized as ‘The Painting of the Year’ at the UOB competition in Jakarta. His paintingtitled “Darkness”– a visualization of reformation movement in Indonesia, is recognized as visually and conceptually unique, raising difficult questions and providing insight on the complex subject.

Selected Works

Heading to Nirvana by Kukuh Nuswantara

Heading to Nirvana

Paintings - 140x70 cm
Relax by Kukuh Nuswantara


Paintings - 110x140 cm
White Fox by Kukuh Nuswantara

White Fox

Paintings - 145x100 cm
Day Party by Kukuh Nuswantara

Day Party

Paintings - 150x200 cm
Last Night Dream  by Kukuh Nuswantara

Last Night Dream

Paintings - 180x140 cm
Capitalist by Kukuh Nuswantara


Paintings - 180x140 cm
Artist Circle  by Kukuh Nuswantara

Artist Circle

Paintings - 140x180 cm
The Bride  by Kukuh Nuswantara

The Bride

Paintings - 200x145 cm

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