Erik Parra

Erik Parra has won various awards, including the Hopper Prize for Contemporary Art.
Erik’s work has been shown internationally in locations such as London, LA, Berlin and New York.
Erik’s work focuses on contemporary spaces and our relationship to them.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, American artist Erik Parra is now based in San Francisco. He creates mainly acrylic paintings, but incorporates various other media and materials including ink and collage. Erik’s work focuses mainly on architecture and spaces, drawing upon his childhood memories of a modernist house and various visual tropes of contemporary spaces to create his vision. We love his use of vivid colours and the ways in which light and shadow are contrasted against one another, creating visually clean and impactful artwork.

Erik Parra’s Education and Career

Erik received his bachelor’s in Fine Art Painting from the University of Texas at Austin, and went on to complete an MFA at the University of Wisconsin. Since graduating, he has gone from strength to strength, exhibiting his work internationally in various commercial galleries and museums, as well as alternative spaces and art centres. He currently teaches painting and drawing at the California College of the Arts and City College of San Francisco.


Erik Parra’s architectural paintings have received international acclaim, earning him a spot in top publications such as New American Paintings and the LA Times. He was also recently awarded the inaugural Liquitex Research Residency and the Hopper Prize for Contemporary Art.

Selected Works

Collection by Erik Parra


Paintings - 76x61 cm
Sunset Reflection by Erik Parra

Sunset Reflection

Paintings - 76x61 cm

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