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      Lan Zhaoxing


      For me, art is the only thing that I feel obliged to do and the only thing that I can control in my life. No matter how life goes on, I am so pleased about the existence of art. A straight and rigid line has penetrated throughout these years, from learning painting to present. Beginning with a teenager who wants to be an artist yet has no plan, then followed by gradually constructing step by step, the trajectory of life revolves around this line, sometimes on the left, sometimes right, alongside with regional migration, mental confuse, and self-transcendence. Yet, that line keeps being straight and strict. I consider art equally to religion. I regard art as religion of life, which is divine and ubiquitous. Compared to the belief in pantheism and in the vast cosmos that is predestined and unknown, art is much richer in self-spirit and so-called life meaning.

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