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      Sri Pramono explores the complex coexistence of human society and the natural world.
      The artist recently held his first solo exhibition at the Indigo Art Space, Indonesia.
      Sri's big, bright abstracts would hang well in a large interior.

      Sri Pramono is an acclaimed artist from Indonesia. He is a nature lover and a humanist in its truest sense. Free thinking and passionate about social justice, through his artworks he brings to attention the mental shackles, socio-economic issues, ecological crisis and political paradoxes in our society. Pramono’s works are well layered with overlapping strokes, bold colors, drawings, abstract elements and myriad textures. Although abstract at a glance, the way he brings all these elements together intrigues us to find meaning. As it reveals itself at a steady pace, we discover the beautiful mysteries as well as the corrigible imperfections of this world.

      His works have been exhibited in many art shows in Indonesia as well as overseas. Mayinart has sold several of his works in Singapore, London and USA.

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