Irwanto Lentho

Irwanto Lentho paints pieces influenced by the surrounding marvels and sensations that he experiences in daily life.
The artist has exhibited widely in Asia, with shows in Singapore and Cambodia.
Irwanto's paintings pop: his colours are bold and his subjects powerful. If you're looking for large, striking artworks, Irwanto's your man.

Irwanto Lentho is an established master artist from Indonesia. Said to have gifted hands, Lentho specializes in wood and hardboard cutting techniques with delicate and intricate designs coloured over by hand. Lentho has a unique style of painting that is influenced by the surrounding marvels and sensations that he experiences in daily life. Nevertheless, with his artistic creativity he transmutes these mundane events into mesmerizing pieces of art. His paintings often feature darker tones to suggest the political struggles within his country. Although the dark colors are dominant, he brings out a buoyant composition without making the whole work melancholic. Lentho graduated from the Institute of Art in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and has developed his own style in wood cutting, pointillism and so on. His style of work is time consuming; Some of his works take almost 4 months to develop. However, Lentho feels that time moves slowly and he is able to savour life while he is working. So he dutifully immerses himself in work, cutting and carving the wood little by little, paying great attention to intricate details and then bringing it all together by adding colours.

Selected Works

The Childhood Of The Sheperd'S Son by Irwanto Lentho
Friendly with Nature by Irwanto Lentho

Friendly with Nature

Paintings - 180x200 cm
Be Friendly and save the Nature by Irwanto Lentho

Be Friendly and save the Nature

Paintings - 122x150 cm
From Sea to Shining Sea by Irwanto Lentho

From Sea to Shining Sea

Paintings - 115x180 cm
 Get Lucky by Irwanto Lentho

Get Lucky

Paintings - 114x260 cm
Kiki and Kiko by Irwanto Lentho

Kiki and Kiko

Paintings - 140x140 cm
Learning to Love by Irwanto Lentho

Learning to Love

Paintings - 170x122 cm
Enjoy the Freshness by Irwanto Lentho

Enjoy the Freshness

Paintings - 150x195 cm
Pushing the Desire by Irwanto Lentho

Pushing the Desire

Paintings - 160x150 cm
The Joker's Trick by Irwanto Lentho

The Joker's Trick

Paintings - 125x100 cm

The Queen's Daughter

Paintings - 180x145 cm

Gotong Royong Made in Indonesia

Paintings - 122x200 cm

From Upstream to Mainstream

Paintings - 122x244 cm

Looking for Point of View

Paintings - 90x150 cm

What You Ought to Know

Paintings - 120x90 cm

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