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      Alex Tzavaras


      Born in 1975, Alex Tzavaras is a specialist portrait painter working in oil and charcoal.

      Trained in the classical art of working directly from life, Alex Tzavaras combines sound foundations with his own individual and contemporary style. Handling his subjects with a natural ability and maturity beyond his years, he is an artist at the beginning of what promises to be a highly accomplished artistic career.

      Tzavaras started art school at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design in 1994. But, disillusioned by a lack of formal training, he left and in 2005 discovered the practical instruction he was looking for at the Lavender Hill Studios; an atelier set up by artists Nick Bashall, Scott Pohlschmidt and Ann Witheridge to teach the techniques of traditional figurative art. Concentrating on the fundamental elements of drawing and painting, Tzavaras thrived at the studio and in 2007 was awarded a scholarship, becoming the first student to be asked to teach at the school.

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