Bronwen Paterson

Bronwen Paterson's prints feature in the V&A collection in London.
Bronwen draws inspiration from South African indigineous art.
In 2019, Bronwen was shortlisted for the Sunny Art Prize.

South African artist Bronwen Paterson was born in 1969 in Johannesburg, and her country’s unique cultural heritage is reflected in her style of abstract prints. Bronwen takes a multidisciplinary approach to her work, which largely centres around mono printing techniques but that also incorporates elements of surface design and graphic design. She draws inspiration from the indigineous art of her country, using the unique colours and textures of these artworks as her visual language. She tends to take historical artefacts as a subject in her work, but distorts the nature of these by showing only the silhouette. In doing so she creates a powerful sense of symbolism and ambiguity in each piece.

Bronwen Paterson’s Career

Bronwen began her journey as a self employed abstract artist, which she did for around 20 years before receiving her BA in Surface Design from University of the Arts London in 2010. She has also had training in graphic design and fine art, which gives her a unique approach to her printmaking practice. Nowadays, Bronwen is based in London.

Exhibitions and Awards

Bronwen Paterson’s minimal prints have been featured in group exhibitions across the country, and notably form part of the V&A prints collection in London. What’s more, she was shortlisted for the Sunny Art Prize from the Sunny Art Centre in 2019.

Selected Works

Rain Dance by Bronwen Paterson

Rain Dance

Prints - 61x56 cm
Night Vision by Bronwen Paterson

Night Vision

Prints - 50x40 cm
Metamorphosis by Bronwen Paterson


Prints - 50x40 cm
Sleep (Green) by Bronwen Paterson

Sleep (Green)

Prints - 33x44 cm
A moment passing (1) by Bronwen Paterson

A moment passing (1)

Prints - 25x24 cm
Displaced by Bronwen Paterson


Prints - 48x44 cm
Luminescence by Bronwen Paterson


Prints - 38x26 cm
Dream by Bronwen Paterson


Prints - 55x50 cm
A moment passing (2) by Bronwen Paterson

A moment passing (2)

Prints - 25x24 cm
Phantasm by Bronwen Paterson


Prints - 47x43 cm


Prints - 46x58 cm


Prints - 40x50 cm


Prints - 55x50 cm


Prints - 37x26 cm

Into the Ether

Prints - 50x40 cm


Prints - 76x57 cm


Prints - 31x33 cm

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