Kim Jae Jun

Kim Jae Jun paints dystopian pieces that reflect on the modern internet era.
The artist has exhibited his works in numerous shows in Seoul.
Kim Jae Jun's dystopian works are technically excellent and socially poignant.

Kim Jae Jun is a Korean artist based in Seoul whose paintings are inspired by Korean K-pop culture and the internet era. His works depict a kind of modern dystopia that reflects on the internet era, contemporary culture and taboos.

The artist trained at the Chung-Ang college of Fine Art in Seoul. He has since exhibited his paintings in group and solo shows at art centres and galleries in Seoul.

Selected Works

Get Lost by Kim Jae Jun

Get Lost

Paintings - 65x73 cm
Eventuality by Kim Jae Jun


Paintings - 46x53 cm
Gas Station Angels by Kim Jae Jun

Gas Station Angels

Paintings - 130x193 cm
I Was At a Loss by Kim Jae Jun

I Was At a Loss

Paintings - 130x162 cm
Take Me Away by Kim Jae Jun

Take Me Away

Paintings - 112x145 cm
Can't Take My Eyes Off of You by Kim Jae Jun

Can't Take My Eyes Off of You

Paintings - 65x91 cm

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