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Julie Moss


Julie Moss is a figurative landscape painter drawn to threshold spaces where transitional states of being come into play – for instance, doorways, greenhouses and windows. Her botanical oil paintings provide a continuous journey of revelation and discovery, blending factual records of a moment in time and emotional responses to a particular place.

Julie Moss’s Early Career and Practice

Julie has a BA Honours in Fine Art from University College, Falmouth. She lives and works in Cornwall. Julie grew up in Lancashire and attended Bolton School of Art from 1973-76. After training to become a florist and working as a textile designer, she moved to Cornwall to raise her family. Julie begins her floral works with a sketch. Drawing with water, she allows coloured inks to meander and flow across the page until an image starts to form. Central to her practice are light and repetition, techniques used to traverse the boundary between what is seen and what is felt. In this way, her paintings take shape within the intersection between memory and imagination, caressing a dichotomy of fragility and preservation.

Exhibitions, Awards and Collections

Julie is an active member of the Newlyn Society of Artists. A finalist in the John Ruskin Prize and Winsor and Newton Painting Prize, her work was also selected for Stage 2 of the John Moore’s Prize. Exhibitions include the RA Summer/Winter Exhibition 2020. She exhibited her work at the 2019 Venice Biennale. You can also find her work in private collections worldwide, including the Gallery of Modern Art in Malaysia.

Selected Works

restored order

Paintings - 153x153 cm

truth be known

Paintings - 100x100 cm


Paintings - 153x153 cm

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