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        Michaela Rinaldi

        Michaela Rinaldi paints abstracted figurative works. She works charcoal, ink, pastel and gold leaf into her paintings to create rich, layered imagery.
        The artist exhibits her work at galleries all over the Western Cape province in South Africa.
        Michaela's contemporary paintings would add a touch of sophistication to an interior.

        Feelings in Colour

        To know truth is to feel it. And the same applies to original creations. Michaela is a true artist. She expresses mood directly from her gut onto canvas. Her craft is her voice. What you see in Michaela Rinaldi’s work is the journey and flavour of the human psyche. Yes, there is initial invitation of ardent colour, to feast open your eyes in appreciation. But soon after this affect, allow your focus to deepen beyond the two-dimensional and into the essence of abandonment, isolation, dependencies and patterns that we all experience. Each painting grows. It transfixes you with its layers, connects you to your own.

        You might think that inspiration abounds from Michaela’s expansive lookout to Kommetjie sand, sea and mountains. But although nature aids in spontaneity, her art is abstract figurative. Emphasis is on hues and movement. Michaela uses acrylic, charcoal, ink, and gold leaf to determine the desired reward.

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