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        Uswarman paints spontaneous abstracts that take the viewer's gaze on a dynamic journey.
        The artist is a Fine Art graduate of the LPK Modern School of Design in Indonesia.
        These are busy pieces that would suit a large, well-lit space.

        Uswarman is a painter from Sumatra island, Indonesia. He likes to create artworks in an unplanned and spontaneous manner, reacting to his canvas moment to moment and creating bold works decorated with deconstructed text, striking elements and deep colours. Principally exploring ideas of one’s existence and circumstances and the eventual perceptions that it leads to, he spontaneously creates works that play with layers and narratives, offering a myriad of potential interpretations. His works act as a visual diary that is intentionally complex but promises to be awe inspiring in due course. He is part of the Sumatran artists community group called Sakato and often participates in art exhibitions in major big cities in Indonesia.

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