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Koen Lybaert is an established artist with international exposure He lives and works in Geel, Belgium. Through his works, characterized by their abstract technique, he is constantly striving to create something beautiful. Turning a passion into a career, Koen Lybaert is a self-taught artist, who takes inspiration from great artists such as Gerhard Richter, Claude Monet and Mark Rothko. A great lover of walks and traveling, he draws most of his inspiration from nature. For this reason his abstract paintings are the result of a translation of emotions through an encounter with form and color. In this way, the love of beauty and color emerges through his technique, and is instantly noticed by the viewer. Koen Lybaert’s career consists of numerous national and international high-level exhibitions. Among the most important is Art Southampton in New York, Arundel Contemporary, UK and Syneton Vs. Art in Bornem. His works are currently exposed in many collections around the world, from Europe to the US. He also has create a very successful collection for high quality 3D prints by General Public Art for the outspoken RH Modern art section. He sold over 950 artworks to private collectors worldwide in 35 different countries, mainly in the USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, France, Canada, Singapore, Italy, Philippines, Thailand....

Selected Works

Bealach na Bà [Abstract N°2852] by Koen Lybaert

Bealach na Bà [Abstract N°2852]

Paintings - 120x160 cm
Innominate Tarn [Abstract N°2850] by Koen Lybaert
Bitches Brew II [Abstract N°2848] by Koen Lybaert
Bitches Brew I [Abstract N°2847] by Koen Lybaert
Collapsed earth I [Abstract N°2802] by Koen Lybaert
Grizedale Forest [Abstract N°2795] by Koen Lybaert
Latrigg Tarn [Abstract N°2800] by Koen Lybaert

Latrigg Tarn [Abstract N°2800]

Paintings - 100x100 cm
Buttermere lake [Abstract N°2799] by Koen Lybaert
Fetlar [Abstract N°2534] by Koen Lybaert

Fetlar [Abstract N°2534]

Paintings - 100x100 cm

Lake Pyasino [Abstract N°2551]

Paintings - 130x150 cm

Ubirr [Abstract N°2555]

Paintings - 80x60 cm

Gravity [Abstract N°2558]

Paintings - 120x175 cm

Mohawk River [Abstract N°2485]

Paintings - 140x200 cm

Cap Gris-Nez [Abstract N°2500]

Paintings - 120x175 cm

Infectious [Abstract N°2501]

Paintings - 130x150 cm

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