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        Lisa Traxler

        Lisa Traxler works from an unconventional studio: a war-time bunker in the Isle of Wight.
        Lisa's work has won numerous awards, including the Fourth Plinth Award.
        Lisa's work has been showcased on national TV and Sunday Times Home.

        British artist Lisa Traxler has had a varied career, spanning a range of media including abstract sculpture, architectural painting and constructed assemblages. Running through her artwork is the theme of geometry, as she tends to play with the boundaries between two and three dimensional pieces. Lisa works from a slightly unconventional studio: a converted wartime bunker on the south coast of the Isle of Wight.

        Lisa Traxler’s Artistic Career

        Lisa took her first steps in the art world with a course at Croydon Art College, before going on to complete her BA in Fashion and Textiles from Birmingham Polytechnic. Since then, she has experimented with diverse styles and media, yet always with a view to exploring shapes and textures. Whether it’s a geometric collage or large-scale sculptures made from metal and machinery, her work has an architectural feeling, with juxtaposition of sharp lines and smooth, flowing curves.

        Awards and Recognition

        Lisa’s mastery of her craft has not gone unnoticed throughout her career, and she has received no shortage of awards and accolades. Her steel-cladded table was featured at the London Design festival in 2016, she has had murals showcased on national TV, and has won awards such as the Jeff Lowe Sculpture Award and the Fourth Plinth Award.

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