Elizabeth Jardine


Elizabeth Jardine is a British artist who makes paintings, prints, artist books and videos after periods of immersion in the landscape. Her work provides a meditative space where viewers can be drawn into their own journey.

Central to Elizabeth's work is the importance of having a physical experience of place, something often amiss in an increasingly dislocated world. She sets off on long-distance walks, engaging in a fluid, paradoxical activity of being present, while passing through. She re-enters this state in the studio, drawing from memory, photographs, video and field-notes. While rooted in a real place and a physical experience, Elizabeth's paintings often have an otherworldly, transcendent quality, and hint at the sublime.

Since achieving a Masters in Fine Art at UAL Wimbledon Elizabeth has relocated to the South West. She graduated from Falmouth College of Art in 2003 with a BA (hons) in Fine Art.

Selected Works

Symphony 10 by Elizabeth Jardine

Symphony 10

Paintings - 10x10 cm
Symphony 2 by Elizabeth Jardine

Symphony 2

Paintings - 10x10 cm
Symphony 9 by Elizabeth Jardine

Symphony 9

Paintings - 10x10 cm
Little Woods by Elizabeth Jardine

Little Woods

Paintings - 15x20 cm
Dark Matter by Elizabeth Jardine

Dark Matter

Paintings - 15x20 cm
Drift/Derive by Elizabeth Jardine


Paintings - 100x90 cm
Old Road by Elizabeth Jardine

Old Road

Paintings - 60x55 cm
Greenway by Elizabeth Jardine


Paintings - 95x80 cm
Woodwisp 3 by Elizabeth Jardine

Woodwisp 3

Paintings - 20x15 cm
Woodwisp 2 by Elizabeth Jardine

Woodwisp 2

Paintings - 20x15 cm

Woodwisp 1

Paintings - 20x15 cm

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