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        Tou Toa is an artist. Central Saint Martin`s graduate and director of a self-titled art and design label, he started his career in the fashion industry, but soon grew disillusioned with materialism and consumerism of the fashion world. A series of life-changing encounters with people scarred by violence, delinquency and abuse, abandoned and rejected by society made him shift his creative practices.

        Tou is discovering the importance of space between reality and non-reality as he lives in a timeless pre-conscious world. Bringing his cross-cultural experiences and the sensation of expressing himself throughout different media, such as clothing, painting, music and film, his art reveals a subtle purity and serenity.

        Recently he launched a new music project, Spirit Mill, and designed costumes for a theatre project funded by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs.

        His self-portrait has been selected to Ruth Borchard Prize 2019

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